About Mathmatikos

Our music is a fusion of disparate musical genres, with influences ranging from Western art music, to choral and sacred music, as well as pop, rock, funk, jazz, R&B, and more - a cu​lt​​ural​​​​​​ ​sala​d b​​​​owl and coCOrRNn​UucCOopPiIa!A! 

MATHMATIKOS formed in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in 2005 after founding members Ted Sherk, Jon Hines, and Dave Ens met at college.  The band's music is a fusion of disparate musical genres, ranging from Western art music, to choral, ambient, pop, rock, and jazz.

Math and music are linked in obvious, and arcane, ways.  MATHMATIKOS was born out of a desire to celebrate the beauty and majesty of this relationship.   Despite its beauty and utility, mathematics remains largely outside people's conscious field of vision.  Yet, it plays a vital role in our everyday lives, in the design of buildings and machines.  As French mathematician, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon notes, "For many people, the way mathematics is taught in school can sometimes (often?) be an ordeal.  As a result, a psychological barrier is created that becomes an obstacle to perceiving the richenss of the tapestry..."  Mathmatikos is about liberating mathematics from the classroom, and corporate office, and infusing it with the joy and wonder of art and music.

Mathmatikos is pleased to welcome bassist Mark Cashion (Strange Attractors) and soprano Caroline Déry (Opera Trillium), as well as lighting designer Raha Javanfar, for this upcoming concert--exploring sustainability (as defined by the Brundtland Commission) through the beauty of music and mathematics.  Hymns for a New Millennium is a celebration of an emerging global sustainability consciousness, and proposes a new approach to meeting our sustainability challenges, emphasizing diversity and empathy among different expressions of life.

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